March 20, 2017

Five tips for business expansion

Expansion can mean different things to small businesses. For some it’s about opening more bricks and mortar stores, for others it might mean simply moving from a small office to a larger one, it could mean expanding into international markets, or even broadening your remit and adding online services to an already-established storefront. The question is: How do you know when – and if – it’s the right time to expand your business? If you consider the right timing, get your finances in place, research new markets and establish a customer-first culture you are on track to set your business up for expansion. It’s all about timing How do you know if it’s time to expand? For for kids […]
March 6, 2017

3 Surprising Things About Australia’s Startup Scene

The Startup Muster 2016 report is full of stats on Australia’s startup scene, but which were the most surprising to its Chief Executive, Monica Wulff? Last week Startup Muster released the report, looking at the state of play in startup land. The comprehensive report is full of great stats and lovely infographics, but some of the findings took Wulff by surprise. Here are three of them. ‘I just had to do it’ There was an increase in the number of people who selected ‘I had no other option’ when asked why they had gotten into the startup game. While Wulff said she had yet to crunch the data, she had a suspicion that this response largely came from female founders. […]
February 13, 2017

7 Biggest Business Bookkeeping Problems

No one ever said running a business was easy, but most business owners don’t realize that one of the most difficult aspects of their job will be bookkeeping headaches. Virtual accounting and bookkeeping services can solve some of the biggest problems for fast-growing businesses with revenue between $2 and $25 million. Let’s look at the top 7 reasons business owners call upon a virtual firm for their accounting and bookkeeping needs: 1. “I never get the financial reports I need, when I need them.” As a business owner, you wouldn’t think looking for timely and accurate bookkeeping is asking for a lot. But, if you’ve been using an in-house bookkeeper who doesn’t know their job or the bookkeeping software as […]
January 31, 2017

Should Your Let Your Clients (Or Your Staff) See Your Financials?

Last spring, Joel Gascoigne realized he’d made a big mistake. He’s the CEO of Buffer, a social media management company, and business was doing so well that he aggressively staffed up — going from 34 to 94 employees in just more than a year. But although Buffer was still bringing in $875,000 a month, the increased salary burden was eating up all that money and more. “We didn’t get the productivity impact or growth we thought we might get from hiring that many people,” says Gascoigne. Buffer was likely to be broke in five months.   So in June 2016, he laid off 10 recent hires. Then the 29-year-old CEO faced an even more daunting challenge: He’d have to explain […]