Bookkeeping For Small Business

August 31, 2016

Business Valuation in Melbourne

Business valuation is important whether you are thinking of selling your business or trying to woo investors. It’s also helpful when you want to improve your business. You can point out aspects that lower the worth of your business. If valuation shows that your business is doing well, you can rest assured knowing how profitable it is and be prepared for opportunities. In Melbourne, where business environment is highly dynamic, many companies experience rapid changes and require knowing how much the business is worth to proceed to the next step. Business valuation procedure The process in business valuation is composed of both objective and subjective measurements as not every asset has a set amount, for instance, customer base and brand […]
May 26, 2015

Make Informed Decisions With A Bookkeeper Melbourne

When it comes to running your business, you are expected to make decisions on a daily basis. Most of these decisions ultimately affect your cash flow and overall financial success of your business. Updated Records With this in mind, it certainly pays to have a bookkeeper Melbourne who is responsible for updating your books and ensuring all transactions are properly recorded. This will help you make informed decisions as to whether you have enough inventory as well as determine the problem areas of your business, such as high collectibles from overdue accounts, etc. Basis For Decision-Making Most start-ups are hesitant on hiring a bookkeeper Melbourne early on their operational stage. There is a common belief they can just do the […]